The Institute will be working with independent researchers from Aarhus and other universities, cooperating with scientists doing rigorous academic research in several research areas  related to media, democracy, constructive journalism, its effects and limits. 
Workshops and Keynotes

The Constructive Institute offers a full range of training opportunities for news organisations, media executives, journalists, schools, and universities around the world. We also partner with industry associations to deliver training programmes specifically tailored to the needs of their members.

Our constructive journalism workshops focus both on the theoretical and practical aspects of constructive journalism. We discuss the theoretical foundations of constructive journalism, as well as practical tools and techniques for applying constructive journalism in the daily work. The training range from one to three days. 

In addition to practical workshops on constructive journalism, we train media executives and leaders, interested in writing constructive journalism into their strategy, in constructive leadership and change management. The training is led by Ulrik Haagerup, the founder and director of the Constructive Institute, who has more than 20 years of experience in media leadership.

Our programmes are carefully tailored to respond to the needs and challenges of your organisation for maximum impact.


Constructive journalism workshop for Sri Lankan Editors-in-chief in cooperation with MiCT and EBU Academy in August 2016


Jakob Rubin gives workshops for experienced journalists in Colombia. The workshops are part of a pilot project aiming to create a journalistic methodology specified on post-conflict societies. Read more about it here.

In addition to our training programmes, we deliver keynote speeches at international conferences and events. The founder of the Constructive Institute and former Executive Director of News at Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR), Ulrik Haagerup, is an experienced and inspirational speaker who has given hundreds of talks at different conferences, including TEDx.

If you are interested in a constructive journalism workshop, training programme or keynote address, please get in touch:

Here are a couple of keynote speeches by Ulrik Haagerup, Founder and CEO of Constructive Institute. 

Ulrik Haagerup speaking at TEDx conference in Linz

Ulrik Haagerup speaking at tvmidtvest about journalism and the priorities in the media

Ulrik Haagerup talks at Digital News Initiative





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Constructive Institute

C/O Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 16
Bygning 1328, 1. sal
8000 Aarhus C

+45 601 38 600

Constructive Institute

C/O Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 16
Bygning 1328, 1. sal
8000 Aarhus C

+45 601 38 600

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