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Who can apply for the fellowship program?

The persons eligible for a fellowship at the Constructive Institute are media professionals who work as journalists, editors, documentarians, and the like. All applicants should have a minimum of five years of practical work experience and be considered as committed and talented professionals within their own organisations.

In the academic year of 2018 / 2019, the TrygFonden Constructive Fellowship Program will give access to five Danish fellows, financed by TrygFonden. Please visit the Apply now-page.

International media professionals interested in taking part of the program may still apply. However, as we do not yet have the international funding in place, the accepted fellows are expected to provide their own funding. They may turn to outside funding sources, such as foundations, civic groups, or national organisations. If you are interested to learn more about the costs of the program and the amount they should apply for, please contact Orla Borg:


How are the fellows selected?

The fellows will be selected by a committee that consists of:

  • Two representatives from the Constructive Institute
  • Two representatives from Aarhus University
  • One internationally recognised media professional
  • One representative of the three Danish journalism schools, appointed by the schools
  • One representative from Denmarks Radio/TV2, appointed in cooperation between the two news organisations and one representative from Danske Medier

The committee will be looking for evidence on candidate’s potential for growth and leadership within their profession, as well as on the candidate’s ability and commitment to make the best use of the program.

When will the fellowship program take place?

The fellowship program runs for a full academic year of 10 months, starting in the last week of August and finishing at the end of June. All fellows are expected to spend the majority of the time in Aarhus, with the exception of academic school holidays. The starting date of the fellowship will be updated.

During the first week of the program in late August, the fellows will be learning about the framework of the fellowship program, as well as about the idea of constructive journalism. Following the week of introduction, the fellows will begin their courses in their chosen academic fields, together with other students at the university.

Aarhus University is ranked to be one of the world's top 100 universities. It received a rank as number 65 in 2016 Shanghai Ranking and was number 98 in the World University Ranking in 2016.

According to Universitas 21 Ranking 2017, Denmark is the fourth best country in the world to offer higher education systems.

What about the finances?

The 5 Danish Trygfonden Constructive fellows will receive a fellowship grant of 650 000 DKK, meant to cover the costs of living, accommodation, transportation and study materials for the duration of one academic year of 10 months. International fellows are encouraged to apply for external funding to cover the cost of their fellowship year.


Can fellows bring their family?

The fellow’s spouse can make use of the Constructive Institute spouse program during the ten months of the fellowship. As part of the program, the Aarhus University offers free access to all courses to both the fellows and their spouses.

Expenses for child care should be paid by the fellow out of the fellowship grant. However, Aarhus Kommune will help fellows that bring their children with necessary childcare arrangements.

Where will the fellows live?

The fellows and their families find their own accommodation in Aarhus for the duration of the fellowship. The rent is paid by the fellow out of the fellowship grant.

Will the fellows get a university degree or a diploma after the termination of the fellowship?

No, the fellowship year does not result in a diploma. The fellows will, however, get a document stating that they have completed the fellowship in constructive journalism and have followed individually selected courses, lectures, and seminars during the fellowship year. 

Who is the staff at the fellowship program?

The fellowship program is part of the Constructive Institute that is headed by its founder and director Ulrik Haagerup.

The program itself is led by Orla Borg, a former investigative reporter at the Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten in Denmark. He will help the individual fellows with planning their studies and gives advice on which professors and scientists to approach. Orla Borg and Ulrik Haagerup will plan weekly journalistic seminars and lectures, as well as cultural and social events for the fellows.

The fellows will also have access to an academic staff member from Aarhus University. The person will help build bridges between the individual fellow and the university staff.


What about living in Aarhus?

The university’s main campus is located in the city of Aarhus, a dynamic city on Denmark’s Jutland peninsula. From here, beach, harbour and forest are all within a 15-minute bike ride. According to World University Rankings, Aarhus University is one of the ten most beautiful universities in Europe. 

With students making up 13% of its population, Aarhus is the youngest city in Denmark. The city is ripe with opportunities aimed at students. Concerts, museums, nightlife and shopping are all within walking distance. 

Every year the celebrated Spot Festival showcases more than 100 upcoming bands, while the three-day Northside Festival displays the most popular acts in alternative music. ARoS, the city’s groundbreakingart museum, showcases work by some of the world’s most progressive artists. And the shopping is rated one of the best in Scandinavia. You can find more information about Aarhus on

Here are a couple of links to see what is it like to live in Aarhus:


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