03 March 2017
EBU partners in new International Constructive Institute
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EBU Media Director Jean Philip De Tender has participated in the launch of new International Constructive Institute in Aarhus, Denmark that will help journalists and news organisations to apply constructive reporting in their daily work through providing access to an inspiring best practices portal, a fellowship program, relevant training curricula, and rigorous academic research.

The Institute was founded by Ulrik Haagerup, Executive Director of News at Danish Member DR, and is supported by the EBU, other media associations, the United Nations and Google.

Jean Philip De Tender will sit on the Institute’s board.

“There has never been a greater need for rigorous journalism.” said De Tender. “I’m proud to be asked to contribute to making this new institute a success and support the valuable work it will do to encourage more constructive journalism and help the news media regain trust.”

The Institute was co-founded by Maarja Kadajane who worked in the EBU’s News Unit and later the Eurovision Academy where she conducted a feasibility study into the project.

The Eurovision Academy co-created Constructive Journalism Master Classes with Ulrik Haagerup in 2014. The 7th Master Class will be held later this year.

The independent Constructive Institute will open on 1 September 2017 and will work closely with Aarhus University, a leading public research university that has constantly ranked among the first 100 world’s universities. The Institute will be located in the Aarhus University campus, situated at the heart of Aarhus.

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As one of its first initiatives, the Institute is accepting applications for its Constructive fellowship program that will give talented media professionals, with a potential to influence the future of journalism, access to an academic bank of knowledge at a top class university for the duration of an academic year.

”The news media, politics and democracy now face a serious trust meltdown in the general population. The news media’s overwhelming focus on conflicts, drama and victims has led many people to turn their backs on the traditional news media,” said DR’s Ulrik Haagerup.

“But I’m also convinced that journalism needs to be part of the solution in our societies overwhelmed by fake news, populism and the growing gap between the reality and the public perception of reality. It demands, however, a rethinking of our own profession. The Constructive Institute is established to help implement that change. A good story is not only a bad one.” 

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Constructive Institute

C/O Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 16
Bygning 1328, 1. sal
8000 Aarhus C

+45 601 38 600

Constructive Institute

C/O Aarhus University
Bartholins Allé 16
Bygning 1328, 1. sal
8000 Aarhus C

+45 601 38 600

Constructive Institute is situated at: