We are proud to present to you 
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Friederike Felbo


Mathilde Graversen



Friederike Felbo is currently a reporter at TV 2 Nyhederne where she produces stories for the news broadcasts at 7 pm and 9.30 pm and does live reporting on TV 2 NEWS. 

In 2010 she graduated as military linguist in the Danish army, and has since been deployed with the Danish armed forces in Lebanon and Iraq.

During her stay at the Constructive Institute, Friederike will investigate integration in the Danish schools in combination with constructive journalism.



Mathilde Graversen works as a journalist at the danish newspaper Berlingske with migration, refugees and integration. She graduated from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus in 2014 and has worked at Berlingske Media since January 2015. 

As a fellow Mathilde will examine the main reasons why some people living in marginalised neighborhoods feel they are living in opposition to the rest of the society and how media can help both the neighborhood and the surrounding society participate in a democratic constructive debate.







Minna Skau has covered international politics and traveled the world for some of Denmark’s main media outlets – Tony Blair’s election, Princess Diana’s Death, 9/11 for Danish Radio, George W. Bush’s reelection, Guantánamo, hurricane Katrina for Politiken and the Euro crisis, Denmark’s EU presidency and day to day EU news for the news agency Ritzau. Since 2015 she has been a news editor with Ritzau in Copenhagen where she has held the reins in the news room during the Paris attacks, the British EU referendum and the funeral of Denmark’s Prince Henrik. 

During her year as a TrygFonden fellow at Constructive Institute she will look at how a news agency with a fast pace and a very diverse group of customers can make use of the principles defining constructive journalism. 



Sarah Golczyk is a news reporter at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR. She works at DR’s news desk in Aarhus, Indland Vest, focusing on stories from the Western part of Denmark. 

For the last decade she has mainly worked as a tv-reporter, producing stories for the daily TV news cast, and features for the Sunday evening news cast, 21Søndag. Sarah has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Southern Denmark. 

She will spend her year as a TrygFonden Fellow at Constructive Institute studying environmental- and climate issues and examining how to use constructive journalism to communicate these challenges.





Hans Davidsen-Nielsen



Jakob Risbro is editor of society an politics at the Danish regional tv-station TV 2/Fyn. Jakob has covered politics an society for many years on the island of Funen. Through his career Jakob has worked as a reporter, news anchor, news editor, managing editor and radio host. 

Besides his employment of TV 2/Fyn, Jakob has been employed on the regional tv-station, TV 2/Lorry and DR, Danish Broadcasting Company.During his fellowship, Jakob will examine, how a news organisation can develop and implement constructive journalism. 

Jakob is educated from The Danish School of Journalism, and holds a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Copenhagen.



Since 2003 Hans Davidsen-Nielsen (born 1968) has been a journalist at the daily newspaper The Politiken. Prior to that he was permanently employed at the Weekendavisen and after that at the daily Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten. He is the author and co-author of seven books on e.g. the history of the Danish intelligence services and the fight against international terror, which he has covered since the late 1990’s. 

As a fellow at the Constructive Institute at the University of Aarhus he intends to concentrate on how the media can avoid being misused by extremists who are trying to add fuel to the fire of fear by drawing a false picture of the threats against open, democratic societies.







Katja Boxberg is a Finnish reporter currently at Talouselämä news magazine. For the last decade Katja has covered economical and political affairs. Prior to that she spent many years as a foreign correspondent in Russia, Sweden, Belgium and Germany. Katja has written two books and is the co-author of Lumedemokratia (Quasi democracy), an award-winning critical report of the Finnish society from the Cold War era to our days. 

During her Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellowship at Constructive Institute, Katja will broaden her knowledge on climate issues and combine them with constructive journalism. 



Morten Runge is a Danish radio journalist currently at DR's morning show P1Morgen, where he embarks on reportages or portrays people in the news. He has also co-hosted a podcast on the alternatives to democracy as we know it. Morten has worked at Danish dailies Jyllands-Posten and Nyhedsavisen as well as newspapers in France. He holds a BA in French. 

During his Trygfonden fellowship he will examine to what extent trust between politicians and journalists has diminished over the years and how we can work to improve it without tossing away our journalistic independence.







Mette Aaby Andersen is a News editor with Danish Broadcasting Corporation based in Aarhus. Mette is an experienced TV reporter and has worked as a News and Magazine reporter for many years followed by 10 years of investigative TV Documentaries and is presently back in News as an Editor. 

The Fellowship at Constructive Institute will be used to learn more about the people living on the outskirts of Denmark and how to address their worries in a way that build bridges instead of dividing people.



Kasper Kaasgaard is a Danish journalist and editor of Altinget: digital. He covers the political aspects of new technologies and the digital economy. Since starting at Altinget in 2014 he has covered a number of political areas, including science policies and the EU from both Copenhagen and Brussels.

Besides his journalism, Kasper also helps develop new products and concepts as part of Altinget department for development. Among other things he has led a project with robot journalism.

During his fellowship at Constructive institute Kasper will focus on new methods of treatment and how technology is changing our health sector – and on how constructive methods can ensure a better coverage of these new technologies.


Tine Rud





Tine Rud Seerup is the editor of “Public Service”, DR’s (the Danish Broadcasting Corporation’s) nationwide radio show dedicated to constructive journalism, which is broadcasted live every weekday on DR’s talk radio channel P1. 

Tine has been working for several years as an editor, host and reporter at DR on both regional and national level, producing radio shows on domestic topics and editing and presenting the news.During the years she has also been teaching journalism at the Centre for Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark.

This spring she is graduating as a Master of Anthropology of Health.  At Constructive Institute Tine will during her Novo Nordisk Foundation Fellowship concentrate on health issues of the future in combination with constructive journalism. 



Jo Williamson has been with AAP for 25 years. She’s a proven newsroom leader who is responsible for coordinating AAP’s breaking news, and multimedia coverage major events, such as elections and royal and papal visits. 

Jo is committed to improving how AAP delivers its news to meet ever-changing audience expectations. She has been instrumental in transforming newsroom practices and guiding our team through those changes, while developing the next generation of AAP journalists. 

A graduate of the University of Queensland, Jo’s career has taken her to Charters Towers in northern Queensland, to Orange in NSW, then to AAP where her roles have included broadcast editor, Melbourne bureau chief, news editor, and deputy editor.




Lund Jørgensen


Bøttcher Christensen



Kristina Lund Jørgensen is a journalist at Jysk Fynske Medier, where she recently has been working as head of the project " at University of Southern Denmark”, and as editor at the pop-up media ”STEM'RNE” (“the Votes”). 

The latter was the biggest ever cooperation between media on Funen with a constructive angle and with the aim of inspiring higher voter turnout among young people for the municipal and regional election. 

During the TrygFonden fellowship year Kristina will focus on how to use constructive journalism in engaging the readers, listeners and viewers in live event journalism. 



Rasmus Bøttcher Christensen is a journalist at DR News, Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He works at the Business and Economy desk and in recent years he has produced features for the Sunday evening news cast 21Søndag. He has also worked as an editor and has produced stories for the daily TV and radio news broadcasts. 

He is a graduate in Politics and Journalism from Roskilde University, studied European Studies in Berlin and did his internship at the Danish daily newspaper Politiken. 

As a TrygFonden Fellow at Constructive Institute Rasmus will examine how stories and possible solutions in our neighboring European countries can be better integrated in the daily news.


Allan Bo 





Allan Bo Poulsen works as a news reporter at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). He mainly produces news stories for the national TV news cast and regional radio at DR. For several years Allan’s work has been focusing on constructive stories. 

At the Constructive Institute Allan will use the Realdania Fellowship to focus on remote areas in Denmark. These areas are slowly being depopulated, because of decreasing growth rates and disappearing jobs – the question is whether the journalistic narrative is reinforcing this development? 

As a fellow, Allan will examine how constructive journalism can contribute to a better understanding of the challenges and what it means for the actual development of remote regions in Denmark.



Linda Olsen is a journalist from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and a criminologist from the University of Copenhagen. At TV 2 Denmark she has been working with news and crime shows as a journalist and an editor. She has a great interest in parallel societies, the medias’ choice of words when reporting from these areas and the stigmatisation of people living there. 

At Constructive Institute and Aarhus University she will make use of her Realdania Fellowship on marginalised neighborhoods to examine the development in these areas, and how different approaches from the media affects the public debate. 

To better understand everyday life in a marginalised neighborhoods, she will be living in an area from the national ghetto list while being a fellow at the institute. 







Morten Vestergaard works as a feature reporter at the Danish daily newspaper, Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten. He holds a master’s degree in Journalism and History from Roskilde University and a bachelor’s degree in Literature from Aarhus University. Morten is the author of the biography Pigen fra Auschwitz (The girl from Auschwitz) about Arlette Andersen, a Holocaust survivor. 

As a TrygFonden Fellow at Constructive Institute, Morten will focus on how journalism can contribute to a better understanding of society at large. He will examine the cohesion – and lack thereof – in the Danish society, and he will investigate what journalism can learn from disciplines such as anthropology or psychology.



Silja Raunio is a Finnish journalist and news reporter with specialisation in radio, young audiences and social media content production. Silja has done her journalist career at the Finnish National Broadcasting company Yle, where she first started working ten years ago. With master’s degree in Social Sciences and studies in both Journalism and Public Policy she’s especially interested in audience engagement, participation, active citizenship and diversity in media. 

During her Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Fellowship at Constructive Institute, Silja will focus on a constructive social media presence for media houses, how to increase a dialogue orientated approach and create stronger audience engagement in journalism - something that will facilitate an efficiently engaging and solution-orientated public discussion.







Mette Koue works as a digital news editor at, the website for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR). She has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the University of Southern Denmark. 

For the past decade she has worked with online journalism and digital strategies in both commercial and publicly financed newsrooms. 

Mette will spend her year as a TrygFonden Fellow at Constructive Institute examining how to combine the strengths of digital platforms with constructive journalism and prioritise constructive news on online platforms, heavily reliant on user traffic.



Henrik Grunnet works as a Strategic Adviser for the organisation International Media Support (IMS). He has previously worked as the Commissioning Editor at Danish Broadcasting Corporation (DR) and TV2 as well as being an independent producer in his own production company. In IMS Henrik has been responsible for the investigative journalism strategy as well as the Syria and Yemen programmes and online training of partners in closed countries. 

Henrik will use the TrygFonden Fellowship at Constructive Institute to investigate how constructive journalism can be implemented in conflict and post-conflict countries, so the media can work with solution-oriented journalism and remain independent without being considered the right-hand man of the people in power.






Gerd Maria 



Mathias Friis is an award-winning investigative journalist at DR News, Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He is a graduate from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and has studied American politics at San Francisco State University. His investigative stories air on national television in newscasts and documentaries. 

Most recently, he has exposed toxic working conditions in the wind turbine industry, uncovered medical malpractice resulting in patient deaths and revealed how Danish anti-fraud MEP’s have misused EU funds. 

Mathias plans to spend his fellowship year exploring solutions on how news media can cover populist parties and candidates without providing disproportionate airtime and contributing to polarisation.



Gerd Maria May is the Head of Editorial Development at Jysk Fynske Medier’s 12 newspapers and websites. She is responsible for establishing Jysk Fynske Mediers’s Journalism Academy, developing and providing courses aiming to align the 500 reporters in the organization with the company strategy to make journalism more relevant to the users. 

Gerd will spend her year at the Constructive Institute to search for answers on how to create a model for local partnerships based on digitization. She will focus on the possibilities of digitization to create mutual meaningful partnerships locally, based on constructive journalism.


Uldbæk Skjødt






Sabrina Uldbæk Skjødt works as a news reporter for Danish Public Broadcaster DR, mainly engaged in conveying news to young media users. She is also the developer and the editor of DR news chatbot. 

Sabrina has been educated at the Danish School of Media and Journalism where she received a degree in journalism in 2015. 

Her main goal is to combine constructive journalism with social media and news for young audiences.



Nanna Schelde is a journalist on Kristeligt Dagblad's feature flagship, the Liv & Sjæl-section (Life & Soul), focusing on in-depth portraits and features about the significant trends of time and life's big questions. Her great interest is to decode people and convey moods, so readers may become wiser and get a diversified look into a specific human being or general tendency. As a fellow at the Constructive Institute, Nanna is looking forward to expanding and challenging the boundaries of her current journalistic profile in order to become a better and more versatile journalist. 

Gerd will spend her year at the Constructive Institute to search for answers on how to create a model for local partnerships based on digitization. She will focus on the possibilities of digitization to create mutual meaningful partnerships locally, based on constructive journalism.







Bruno Ingemann works as editor in charge of business journalism at Jysk Fynske Medier, the Danish group of local and regional media. He has a BA degree in Journalism from the Danish School of Media and Journalism and Masters in Editorial Management from the University of Southern Denmark, SDU. 

Bruno’s goal is to investigate whether constructive journalism can help restore public confidence in the media and journalism. Having worked as an investigative reporter for many years, he will be looking for ways to reconcile investigative journalism with constructive journalism, two approaches that can both benefit journalism.



Jacob Fuglsang is education editor at the Danish daily newspaper, Politiken. He is specialized in education policy and is responsible of Politikens’ pages and special editions on education. As a journalist and editor, he has written about education since 1993 and the last 17 years of it at Politiken. 

Previously, Jacob has been an opinion editor, national editor and member of Politiken's Executive College. He is the initiator of Politiken’s Educational Prize, which since 2013 has been awarded to teachers to promote learning and respect for teaching. Jacob has a degree in Communications from Roskilde University. 

At Politiken Jacob has worked with constructive journalism through the focus on pedagogical development and sharing of new knowledge in the field. It is this knowledge he hopes to further develop during his fellowship year.



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