Introducing the Constructive News Algorithm

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Welcome to Constructive Institute and a global hub for people who believe that journalism might be part of the problem in the trust meltdown in our democracies – but also that journalism needs to be part of the solution. We want to change the global news culture. Join us.

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What is Constructive Journalism?

The table illustrates how a constructive story typically sets out from a documented problem in society and thus represents an additional step to the news cycle as we know it today. From breaking, to investigative, to constructive.

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Examples of Great Constructive Journalism

In this section we breakdown practical “how to” examples of how skilled and innovative journalists are experimenting with Constructive Journalism approaches.

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Maria Ressa:
“Constructive journalism is the way news media should always have worked.”

Winner of the Nobel Peace Price, Maria Ressa says asking journalism to provide facts, truth and trust.

The Constructive Fellowship Program

The Constructive Institute Fellowship Program aims to give talented media professionals with a potential to influence the future of journalism, access to an academic bank of knowledge at a top class university for the duration of an academic year.

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A Global Call for Responsible Journalism