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We’re changing the global news culture to foster healthier democracies. Join us.

Constructive journalism embraces solutions, nuance and dialogue. Our mission at the Constructive Institute is to bring it to newsrooms worldwide.

The Constructive News Mirror

How constructive is your news? Measure what’s important, and get weekly editorial reports that show how constructive your reporting has been. We offer a new platform to measure journalistic quality, and the content that matters to your audience.

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Constructive Journalism Works

Independent journalism is the core of society’s conversation and progress. It provides facts. Uncovers problems. And inspires potential solutions to the challenges facing all of us.

Today, people do not need more news, they need better news. That’s what we call constructive journalism.

Ulrik Haagerup

CEO and Founder, Constructive Institute


73% of top news executives say constructive journalism is important to combat news avoidance and fatigue


Readers feel 87% better after reading a constructive article, compared with a non-constructive article


Constructive news leads to 8% higher credibility for media outlets, compared with non-constructive news


Readers feel 20% more empowered after reading a constructive article, compared with a non-constructive article

The Power of Constructive Journalism

Born in Denmark, constructive journalism has proved to work across the globe. This special series of videos features journalists from international newsrooms, who have integrated constructive journalism into their daily work. Dive into their stories and see how the media landscape can change for the better.

Bjarne Corydon, Dagbladet Børsen:
Transforming newsroom culture
Lea Korsgaard, Zetland:
Rethinking journalism formats
Hans Krabbe, Midtjyllands Avis:
Reviving local journalism

The world needs better news

We believe that journalism is part of the problem in the trust meltdown in our societies — but also that journalism needs to be part of the solution.

We work with journalists, educators, researchers, tech innovators, philanthropists and others to create that solution. Get involved.

Constructive Journalism in Action


The Guardian
(United Kingdom)

Zetland (Denmark)

Public Interest Journalism Lab (Ukraine)

“Constructive journalism is what journalism always should have been.”

We caught up with Nobel Peace Laureate and Rappler CEO Maria Ressa at our 2022 Global Conference in Bonn, Germany.

Read more about what constructive journalism is — and why we need it today.