Constructive Journalism Conference:

June 22nd, 2022

Video takeaways from the event

Covering Corona

Pillar 2: Nuances


How to: Cover Corona

We are gathering best examples from top news media all over the world and showcasing how to cover the pandemic. We describe the practice as well as how to report with a constructive journalism perspective.

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Organisation: Die Welt, Germany
Journalists: Daniel Eckert & Holger Zschäpitz
Medium: Web


Putting their reporting on the crisis and it’s impact on the economy into perspective the two journalists from Die Welt uses the historical perspective of three big financial crashes.

The Story

This article zooms out to the macro view of the crisis and it’s global economic impact. Using a historical perspective the journalist describes the three big financial crashes of the last 100 years and tries to identify some learning points. These previous events may offer offer insights into what the corona crisis will mean for the world’s stock markets.

Covering Corona

Constructive Journalism’s three pillars provides us with means to discuss best practice seen from the principles of constructive journalism. The pillars should be understood as an additional element to reporting on the coronavirus.

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