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Master Class
in Constructive Journalism

Tuesday 7th and Wednesday 8th of November 2023 at Constructive Institute, Aarhus University.


Do you long for new energy and hope for the future of democracy and journalism? Do you need tips, tools and formats to attract a larger audience? And do you want to learn the latest of the global mega trend in media – constructive journalism – that is being implemented in news rooms like in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Holland?

What can be done about the fact that more and more people become news avoiders?

Constructive Institute invites reporters, editors and other people from the media for an exclusive international Master Class on inspirational, nuanced and engaging reporting.

Two days of learning the why, the what and the how of constructive journalism.
Price: 900 euros – including coffee and lunches both days and a dinner on day one.
Working language: English.

Sign up – limited access – by writing to: info@constructiveinstitute.org
Deadline for signing up: 30th  of October 2023

Please see preliminary program below.

Preliminary Program:

Tuesday 7th of November:

9.00:    Registration and coffee.

9.30:     Welcome and presentation of the participants in the Master Class.

10.00:   Why is it necessary to rethink journalism?

The challenges we face in journalism when it comes to lack of trust, endangered

business models and increasing competition for people’s attention.

In what ways could the concept of constructive journalism be relevant in the renewal of

our profession as journalists and editors?

By Ulrik Haagerup, author of the book “Constructive News”, former news director

of Danish Broadcasting Corporation, founder and CEO of Constructive Institute.

11: 00:   Coffee break.

11.15:    So what is constructive journalism actually? Is it not merely good classical

well documented journalism? If so, why doesn’t everybody do constructive journalism.

By Ulrik Haagerup.

12.30:    Lunch

13.30:   How then, can you do constructive journalism?

The Three Pillars of Constructive Journalism.

By Orla Borg, former investigative journalist at the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten,

now head of the Fellowship Program at Constructive Institute.

15:00:   Coffee break

15.30:   Hands on workshop with the tools of constructive journalism, looking for stories

in the current news flow that could be handled with a constructive approach.

16.30:  Presentation of constructive angles of current news stories.

18.00:   Drinks and networking.

19.00:   Dinner at restaurant downtown Aarhus.

Wednesday 8th of November.

9.00:   Pick up from yesterday. What tools were useful?

9.30:   Changing the journalistic mind set of a news organization.

How has the public broadcasting corporation of NRK in Norway introduced constructive

journalism in the daily news flow?

By editor at NRK, Ingrid Tinnmansvik.

11.00: Coffee break.

11.15:  How do you make sure that you actually do journalism that is relevant to your audience?

In the city of Silkeborg, the newspaper changed from traditional journalism to constructive

Journalism. How did they do it, how did they aim to get closer to their audience and how

did it work out?

By news editor for Brian Holst of the newspaper Midtjyllands Avis.

12.30:  Lunch

13.30:  Making the ideas of constructive journalism linger on in the news room. How do you

make sure that constructive journalism is not only “the flavour of the year”, but is actually

a lasting change in the way we do journalism?

By constructive editor Kristina Lund Jørgensen of TV2 Fyn, the first Danish newsroom to

systematically incorporate the ideas of constructive journalism.

15.00:  Wrap up.

So what can the ideas of constructive journalism mean to you?

15.30: Thank you – and good luck with working with constructive journalism.