29 May 2018
8 New Fellows Appointed at Constructive Institute
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The fellows will get access to science and education at Aarhus University and get one year away from deadlines to reflect and develop better, more meaningful and trusted journalism through a fellowship at the independent Constructive Institute.

With careers at DR, TV2, Jyllands-Posten, International Media Support, Finnish YLE and Jysk Fynske Media the 8 journalists get an unique opportunity to become role models for a news profession challenged by budgets, relevance and trust.

The fellows are made possible by partnerships with 3 philanthropic foundations:

The  5 TrygFonden Constructive Journalism Fellows are

  • Morten Vestergaard, 42, journalist at Danish national daily Jyllands-Posten
  • Kristina Lund Jørgensen, 45, editor and journalists at Danish regional daily Fyens Stiftstidende
  • Mette Koue, 42, news editor at
  • Rasmus Bøttcher Christensen, 31, journalists at DR News
  • Henrik Grunnet, 58, producer and strategic advisor at International Media Support

The 2 RealDania Contructive Journalism Fellows are

  • Allan Bo Poulsen, 45, DR regions in Holstebro
  • Linda Olsen, 40, criminiologist and journalist and former editor at Danish broadcaster TV2

Helsingin Sanomat Foundation Journalism Fellow is

  • Silja Raunio, 28, journalist Finnish Public Broadcaster YLE,

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The new fellows at Constructive Institute have been chosen by editor-in-chief Christian Jensen, Politiken, editoir-in-chief Jacob Kwon, editor-in-chief at Zetland, Lea Korsgaard, professor and ex head of BBC World, Richard Sambrook, ass. professor at DMJX ,Henrik Berggren, ass. professors at Aarhus Universitet Thomas Olesen and Unni From and Constructive Institute.

”More than ever journalism needs rethinking. That demand updated knowledge and time to think – about journalism, bad habits and opportunities. That’s exactly what the 8 fellows now get a chance to do. It’s a fantastic group of talent who will become future role models of journalism in the years to come,” director Ulrik Haagerup says.

He founded Constructive Institute in September 2017 after 10 years as executive news director at Danish Public Broadcasting DR.

The independent institute located on campus of Aarhus University has as it’s mission to change the global news culture in five years in order to make journalism more responsible, future oriented and inspiring to possible solutions to important challenges facing society.

More information:

Orla Borg, Head of Fellowship-program :+4540104689

Ulrik Haagerup, CEO: +4560138600





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Constructive Institute

C/O Aarhus University
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Bygning 1328, 1. sal
8000 Aarhus C

+45 601 38 600

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