22 November 2018
Politicians and journalists discussed solutions
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Imagine if a football game ended after only one attempt at scoring and that the sports commentators afterwards was to analyse and discuss this one attempt for hours on end. 

This analogy was used by member of the Danish Parliament Magnus Heunicke (S) to emphasize the problem with the commentator programmes of politics today. And as it turns out this frustration was shared among both political parties and media professionals. This was only one of several places where the politicians and the journalists found common ground during the debate in the Danish Parliament where 230 citizens of Copenhagen attended. 

Thus it was not a bad day for the democracy and the public conversation in general, as nine elected members of the Danish Parliament with the speaker of the Parliament Pia Kjærsgaard at the forefront of this varied panel discussed possible solutions for the public mistrust towards media and politicians. 

The politicians in the panel aslo included Bertel Haarder, Venstre, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, Radikale Venstre, René Gade, Alternativet, Naser Khader, Konservative, Rune Lund, Enhedslisten, Leif Mikkelsen, Liberal Alliance and Nanna Bonde, Socialistisk Folkeparti. 

The journalists representing Folketingets Presseloge were Christine Cordsen, political correspondent of Danish Broadcasting Corporation, DR, and Marchen Neel Gjertsen political journalist of the largest Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten as well as Bjarne Corydon the Editor-in-Chief of Dagbladet Børsen.  

Tonight we will continue the dialogue when 430 people attend a sold out auditorium at Aarhus University to take part in the third debate on mistrust and skeptiscism towards media and politicians.

There will be two more debates in the week to come:

Kolding, Monday 26th of November

Odense Wednesday 28th of November

The debates are supported by Trygfonden and hosted by Constructive Institute, Folkeuniversitetet and Folketingets Presseloge. 

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The debate panel of the day. From left; Magnus Heunicke, Socialdemokratiet, Pia Kjærsgaard, Speaker of The Danish Parliament, Nanna Bonde, Socialistisk Folkeparti, Sofie Carsten Nielsen, Radikale Venstre, Marchen Neel Gjertsen, member of Folketingets Presseloge and political journalist at Danish Newspaper Jyllands-Posten, Christine Cordsen, member of Folketingets Presseloge and poltical correspondent at Danish Broadcasting Service, DR, Ulrik Haagerup, CEO of Constructive Institute, René Gade, Alternativet, Bjarne Corydon, Editor-in-Chief of Dagbladet Børsen, Rune Lund, Enhedslisten and Leif Mikkelsen, Liberal Alliance. 


As the panel answered questions and comments, it became clear that the public wanted a more open and honest debate.   





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