How to cover climate change through a constructive lens? Guidelines out now!

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Constructive News Mirror

Measure What’s Important. Get weekly editorial reports that show how constructive your reporting has been. We offer a new platform to measure journalistic quality, and the content that matters to your audience.

How the automated co-editor works. We handle all the tasks related to creating the editorial reports. We want to use AI to empower journalists and editors, and offer an automated editorial tool that frees up time for the editor, while providing journalistic insight.

How can the language model help journalists. Lead Data Scientist Gustav Aarup Lauridsen gives a glimpse into the making and working of the algorithm. Watch the video now.

Cases from Sweden and Belgium. Read more about Swedish Radio and EBU’s experience with using the Constructive News Mirror.

Our editors show the reports to the journalists, which gives them a great platform for speaking about journalistic quality.

It has been a perfect too to keep our focus on the editorial mission.

Louise Haag

Constructive Editor @Sveriges Radio

Justyna Kurczabinska

Senior Manager of News Strategy & Development @EBU

In the AI driven landscape, the news media are there to provide trusted news but also operate as intelligence agencies providing the depth of analysis. 

Constructive algorithm tested by a number of EBU Members and constructive story approach, is a solution that can help to surface important stories and provide insights into the type of media outputs at scale.

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Gustav Aarup Lauridsen

Lead Data Scientist

Since 2019 we have worked to create a language model that can identify stories that give extra value to your audience by including solutions, nuances and building the foundation fro a better public conversation. The algorithm is trained on more than 3000 news articles, and can effectively find the ones that we would call constructive.