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How To Do Constructive Journalism

Dive into our compiled best examples of constructive journalism from all over the world or contribute your own work.

Constructive Journalism at TV2

Jacob Kwon, Director of News at national tv broadcaster TV2 explains how they introduced Constructive Journalism into their national news cast.

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How To Build a Constructive Newsroom

How to build a constructive newsroom? In 2019 TV2 Fyn decided to develop the world’s first constructive newsroom. The regional tv station has the goal of changing the news culture across their different departments by 2020.

How To Close the Gap Between Scientists and Journalists on Climate Change

We wanted to facilitate a discussion between scientists and journalists in order to see what we can learn from each other, and how to do better when reporting on the climate changes.

How To Develop Digital News Media With a Constructive News Culture

The media startup Zetland embodies a constructive journalism culture which is present in all aspects of the business.

How To Embrace Nuance in Political Coverage

The respected Danish Daily newspaper Berlingske wanted to approach the 2019 Danish election with a different tactic.

How To Make a Local Newspaper Relevant To Its Community

The constructive approach made an impact on the bottom line as well, subscriptions to the digital newspaper also rose and continue to rise.

How To Not Be a Useful Idiot when Covering Terrorism

Hans Davidsen-Nielsen reflects upon how the media ends up in a difficult dilemma, as they cover terrorist attacks while trying to not become a tool for a marginal group of people who usually have nothing but destruction to offer.

How To Not Stigmatize when Doing Journalism on Minorities

Former fellow at Constructive Institute and Journalist at Danish Newspaper Berlingske Mathilde Graversen investigates how to do journalism on ethnic minorities without stigmatization.

How To Use Talk Radio for Constructive Journalism?

The shows’ continual flow makes it a natural platform for “constructive” news stories by first defining a problem and then bringing in different perspectives on solutions from listeners.


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