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This study, part of the German Grimme-Akademie’s project ‘Impact and Potential of Solution-Oriented Reporting,’ looks how constructive journalism can support Germany’s media in a time of rapid transformation.

“In an age of seemingly endless doom-and-gloom, constructive journalism has the potential to meet the challenges facing the media today, strengthening society in the process and literally paying off for content makers.

Ellen Heinrichs, Former Constructive Institute Fellow & Head of Trends & Knowledge at Deutsche Welle

Ellen Heinrichs commissioned the report in both German and English. Her blog post digs into the research which draws on surveys, social science research, media publications and numerous in-person interviews to create a picture of constructive journalism’s impacts within the media industry.

Some Key Findings from the Report
  • Users consume constructive journalism longer and also seem more willing to spend money on it.
  • Solution-oriented reporting is becoming increasingly important in times of global crises.
  • Both young people and minorities particularly want journalism that embraces a diversity of perspectives.
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Deutsche Welle launched a successful editorial experiment posting only constructive content on the ‘DW Stories’ Facebook account.