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Browse constructive journalism examples and instructive case studies from around the world. If you have an example for us to include, share it here.

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Constructive Journalism Pays Off

This study, part of the German Grimme-Akademie’s project ‘Impact and Potential of Solution-Oriented Reporting,’ looks how constructive journalism can support Germany’s media in a time of rapid transformation.

Covering Climate Change: Six Guiding Principles for Business News Media

In his report, Søren Linding aims to identify a feasible formula for business media when covering the role and responsibilities of businesses with regards to climate change. Linding calls for the need for a more competent, critical and constructive coverage.

How To Close the Gap Between Scientists and Journalists on Climate Change

We wanted to facilitate a discussion between scientists and journalists in order to see what we can learn from each other, and how to do better when reporting on the climate changes.

How to Cover Climate Change: Ten Good Pieces of Advice

This paper is an attempt to bridge scientific knowledge and praxis of journalists, as to make an evidence-based foundation for climate journalism to make more people listen, read and watch.

How To Not Be a Useful Idiot When Covering Terrorism

Hans Davidsen-Nielsen reflects upon how the media ends up in a difficult dilemma, as they cover terrorist attacks while trying to not become a tool for a marginal group of people who usually have nothing but destruction to offer.

How To Not Stigmatize When Doing Journalism on Minorities

Former fellow at Constructive Institute and Journalist at Danish Newspaper Berlingske Mathilde Graversen investigates how to do journalism on ethnic minorities without stigmatization.