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March 13 2019

Constructive Journalism at Perugia Journalism Festival

If you are attending the Journalism Festival in Perugia 3-7 April and are interested to connect please reach out to us.


At the institute we are aware of the great work that is being done across Europe, and beyond, looking at how to use a more constructive approach within news organisations and we want to support these efforts.

At our Global Conference we had 2 meetings where we connected with Constructive Journalism practitioners and discussed the challenges and opportunities they faced. We are going to expand this and have a network meeting at the Journalism Festival in Perugia which runs from the 3-7 April.

If you are attending the festival and are interested to connect please email with details of you and your work. There is limited space at our venue but we hope to bring together a wide ranging community of organizations and individuals reimagining journalism

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