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First German Fellow to Join the Constructive Fellowship

The Constructive Institute is pleased to announce that Ellen Heinrichs, Head of Digital Programming at Deutsche Welle (DW), will be part of the fourth cohort of Fellows set to start this summer with the goal of changing the global news culture. The experienced journalist from Germany’s international public broadcaster brings a wealth of knowledge in transforming the media culture. Knowledge management as a driver for digitization has been an important focus of her work over the past two years. Within Deutsche Welle, she founded the Constructive Circle, which brings together the insights from DW’s 30 language programs, audience research, marketing and other departments.

“The interest of constructive journalism is rapidly growing in many countries all over the world. In Germany both public and private media are engaged in experiments on more nuanced, fact based and solutions focused news, and the time is right to push the agenda further in the biggest news market in Europe,” the CEO and founder of Constructive Institute, Ulrik Haagerup says.

“We are therefore proud to include one of the most innovative and respected German editorial leaders into our fellowship program – bringing the total number of fellows in the class of 2019-20 to 12.”


“We are therefore proud to include one of the most innovative and respected German editorial leaders into our fellowship program.”

– Ulrik Haagerup, CEO Constructive Institute


Ellen Heinrichs will work with her employer Deutsche Welle to bring back the ideas of constructive journalism to her newsroom and the wider German media landscape.

Deutsche Welle is one of the pioneers of constructive reporting in Germany and has been producing TV-, audio and digital formats with a constructive approach for many years.

“We know that our users turn to us for independent information and also for constructive solutions to problems that arise in their countries. During my fellowship I would like to find out how we can do even better in meeting their needs and how we can inspire many more journalists across Germany to implement a more constructive journalism,” says Ellen Heinrichs.

Ellen Heinrichs joins the constructive journalism fellows of 2020-2021. The fellowship begins later this year in September.
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