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March 17 2022

“Journalism on the Couch” (2022) by journalist, Astrid Prange de Oliveira and former fellow at Constructive Institute and now founder and CEO of the Bonn Institute, Ellen Heinrichs 

In the newly published book Journalism on the Couch (German title: Journalismus auf der Couch), by Ellen Heinrichs and Astrid Prange de Oliveira, leading figures of German media share their insights, success stories and tips on how to make and keep journalism trustworthy, relevant and sustainable in the face of digital upheaval, financial challenges and a media environment that floods users with source options. Real-world experiences reveal that while there is no one-size-fits-all fix, an overarching focus on diversification, experimentation and solutions-oriented reporting has helped many outlets turn crises into opportunities.  

Journalism on the Couch features a forward by Ulrik Haagerup, founder and CEO of the Constructive Institute, and interviews with Giovanni di Lorenzo, editor in chief of the national weekly ZEIT, data scientist Christina Elmer and neuroscientist Maren Urner, among others. It is a multifaceted and example-rich look at how constructive and solutions-oriented journalism are key to getting journalism back on track today so it can meet the global challenges of tomorrow. 


Journalismus auf der Couch: So kommen wir aus der Krise is available for purchase from Herder publishing house for €20.00. It is written in German.  

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