How to cover climate change through a constructive lens? Guidelines out now!

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Fellows' Insights

Kristoffer Frøkjær

Former Fellow at the Constructive Institute (2021/2022), Author and Science Journalist

“Not that climate coverage has to be sugar-coated. Not at all. The stories of catastrophic events still need to be told, again and again, to show what is happening to the world. To show the seriousness of climate change. But showing what we as citizens can do makes climate journalism more interesting for us as an audience.”

Kristoffer Frøkjær, Former Fellow, Author and Science Journalist


This paper is an attempt to bridge scientific knowledge and praxis of journalists, as to make an evidence-based foundation for climate journalism to make more people listen, read and watch. It is not a final list of facts, and can be elaborated, but the advice are based on valid knowledge from a great many numbers of reports and scientific papers. It is supported by examples from the world of journalism.

Ten Good Pieces of Advice to Make (Young) People Read, Listen and Watch When Doing Climate Journalism