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June 22nd, 2022

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How to Cover Corona

Constructive journalism is an add on to the two major modes of news reporting; breaking news and investigative journalism. Below we examine how to apply the principles of constructive journalism as an additional element to reporting on the coronavirus.

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Covering Corona Constructively

Recommendations for reporting on the coronavirus with the elements of constructive journalism in mind.


Words matter. In this grave international crisis they are absolutely necessary.

Just look at the two headlines below.

With journalism acting as a filter between reality and the public perception of reality journalists must ask themselves if they want to angle their coverage solely on the drama of news stories or instead address nuance, context and hope.

The time is now to show why journalism is essential to audiences, society and democracy. The coronavirus pandemic is a global call for responsible media. Constructive journalism is a mindset which places the focus of journalism and public attention to out beyond the glare of global problems and looks to address potential solutions to the challenges facing us all.

An add-on breaking news and investigative journalism

Constructive journalism compliments the two major modes of news reporting: Breaking news and Investigative journalism. It goes without saying that both breaking news and investigative reporting are essential for covering the pandemic of the coronavirus.  These two modes of reporting use critical journalism in order to inform news audiences around the world and hold the people in power responsible for their actions, or lack of action.

“Constructive journalism is an add-on to the two major modes of news reporting: Breaking news and Investigative journalism.”

Orla Borg, Head of Fellowships, Constructive Institute


In what way could the principles of constructive journalism offer additional elements to reporting on the coronavirus?

Constructive journalism is based on three pillars and here are 3 recommendations on how these principles could be used in covering the evolving pandemic. Some of the recommendations may seem to be simply good, thorough, critical and balanced journalism but that is essentially what constructive journalism is all about.

Covering Corona on 3 Constructive Levels
Pillar 1: Focus On Solutions
Example: The BBC Devotes Entire Segment for Possible Solutions to Corona

The BBC has gathered a number of stories that show how people are helping each other and finding solutions in response to the coronavirus.

Pillar 2: Cover Nuances
Example: Die Welt Cover Nuances With a Historical Perspective

This article zooms out to the macro view of the crisis and it’s global economic impact. Using a historical perspective the journalist describes the three big financial crashes of the last 100 years and tries to identify some learning points.

Summing up

Constructive journalism is an add on to breaking news and investigative journalism. We need to remember the purpose of news media:  To contribute to society through critical and constructive journalism. Please share your constructive stories with us by sending them to info@

Call for Constructive Journalism

We are gathering best examples of good constructive stories on corona from all over the world to inspire to more greatness. Submit a short summary and link to the story here.

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