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Postponed: 3rd Global Constructive Journalism Conference

Due to the evolving situation coronavirus (COVID-19) we are delaying the 3rd Global Constructive Journalism Conference.


As mass face-to-face meetings are unadvisable currently we will look for innovative ways to connect journalists around the world and together develop constructive approaches to report on Corona.

For now, we are not able to commit to any new dates with certainty. Automatic refunds will be issued to all registrants who paid online within 24-48 hours.

Please let us know here if you have any questions regarding the refund process or  the conference in general.

Meanwhile more than ever people need trusted information. We’ll continue to support the global news industry to provide constructive reporting for all news audience who need journalism in order to: inform them, speak truth to power, connect society and inspire to solutions to the challenges facing us all.

We look forward to bring together again what is becoming the constructive journalism movement at a time, when the world is back on it’s feet.

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