Other Approaches

In this section we focus on three approaches we think best reflect our “Three Pillar Approach”; looking for solutions, embracing nuance and shades of grey and connecting society. This section cover the dialogue journalism approach.

The Press as a Responsible Facilitator

Many genres and terms have been developed for new movements of journalism which stem from a belief in the social responsibility or public service role of the press. These journalists are firm believers that the news media plays a central role in a functioning democracy.

Dialogue Journalism focuses on the ideas of the journalist as facilitator working to engage audiences, foster civil discourse, and increase trust in the media. Organisations such as Spaceship Media are experimenting with ways to bridge the political divides in the U.S. and programs such as NRK’s Einig? in Norway seek to bring politicians together for calm and curious conversations. Dialogue Journalism reflects the 3rd pillar of constructive journalism.


The Three Pillars

This is an overview of the three pillars.
Dialogue Journalism fits under the 3rd pillar of Constructive Journalism.

Crossing Divides

The BBC has incorporated elements of “deep listening” in their Crossing Divides project. The aim was to connect audiences across their social, ethnic, political, religious, geographical or generational divides.

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