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Other Approaches

In this section we focus on three approaches we think best reflect our “Three Pillar Approach”; looking for solutions, embracing nuance and shades of grey and connecting society. This section cover the slow news approach.

A Nordic Model

The Constructive Institute advocates a Nordic model of a solutions focused, nuanced and connecting journalism which promotes calm and curious conversation. Globally there are other organisations and journalists trialling new formats and developing new concepts which go beyond reporting problems and challenges and look to the social responsibility of journalists.  We  note a few of these forms of journalism in this section but the list is growing, let us know about innovative approaches which we should feature.

“Slow Down, Wise Up”

Slow News fits under the second pillar of Constructive Journalism.

Slow journalism is a news subculture borne out of the frustration at the quality of journalism from the mainstream press. A continuation from the larger “slow” movement, such as the slow food movement in Scandinavia advocating for quality local ingredients. Slow journalism shares the same values as other “slow”-movement subsets in its efforts to produce a good, clean and fair product. James Harding former Director of News at the BBC has advocated for Slow News and co-founded the news start up Tortoise media using the slogan “Slow down, wise up”. 

The Three Pillars

This is an overview of the three pillars.
Slow News fits under the 2nd pillar of Constructive Journalism.