A Focus on Solutions

Though we talk about constructive journalism we consider this a broad umbrella term.

Constructive Journalism

Constructive journalism encompasses much of the great work that is being done by news media who are reporting beyond the problem-based narrative, embracing complexity, and engaging with community.

An Umbrella Term

Here we focus on three of these genres which we think best reflect our “Three pillar approach” where we champion; looking for solutions, embracing nuance and shades of grey and connecting society.

Different Approaches

The Constructive Institute advocates a Nordic model of a solutions focused, nuanced and connecting journalism which promotes calm and curious conversation. Globally there are other organisations and journalists trialling new formats and developing new concepts which go beyond reporting problems and challenges and look to the social responsibility of journalists.  We  note a few of these forms of journalism in this section but the list is growing, let us know about innovative approaches which we should feature.

Solutions Focused  Journalism fits under pillar 1 of Constructive Journalism. As practiced by the BBC and trained by the Solutions Journalism Network , Solutions focused journalism promotes a focus on solutions to society’s challenges. 



Reporting Beyond The Problem

Karen McIntyre and Nicole Damen cite the following terms in their upcoming book which describes journalism which goes beyond the “If it bleeds it leads” approach:

  • Civic Journalism
  • Solutions Journalism
  • Slow News
  • Explanatory Journalism
  • Enagaged Journalism
  • Action journalism
  • Public-powered journalism
  • Contextual journalism
  • Problem-solving journalism
  • Social journalism
  • Crowd-powered reporting
  • Participatory journalism
  • Reciprocal journalism
  • Dialogue journalism
  • Knowledge-based journalism
  • Soft-advocacy journalism
  • Activist journalism
  • Restorative narratives
  • Community journalism
  • Communitarian journalism
  • Interpretive news
  • Conciliatory journalism
  • Reparative journalism