Constructive Journalism Conference:

June 22nd, 2022

Video takeaways from the event

Why Constructive Journalism?

Here you can read ‘why’ constructive journalism is important not only for the news industry, but for democracy and us all.  Read thought leaders’ opinion pieces or dive into ‘The Facts’ and ‘Research Insights’ from cutting edge researchers.

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A Global Movement

In this section we present to you the voices of our global movement covering why we do what we do and why we advocate for constructive journalism.

A Global Call

We want to change the rules of news coverage so that we don’t just see half the picture but get the full story. Watch the video below to learn more about our motivation.

“What we are asking, as I said before is rigorous journalism on progress, reporting on problems, but not ignoring success. It may sound idealistic, it’s been labeled naive but let me assure you this is not an ignorant plea. The research says it’s obvious and to ignore it is preposterous so it’s time for consumers to take a stand because the industry will listen to us.”

– Jodie Jackson, Campaigner & Author to the book ‘You Are What You Read’

Breaking Bad Habits

Why do we need constructive journalism?
Thoughts by Ulrik Haagerup, founder and CEO of Constructive Institute.

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What Research Shows

In this section we collate the latest cutting-edge research on topics such as news avoidance, negativity bias in the news and why it is important to start reporting beyond the problem.

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Solutions to News Avoidance

Click to read the research article on the subject of news avoidance by Morten Skovsgaard.

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The Facts
A Need for Change

News avoidance, lack of trust and fake news. In this section we present to you the facts further underlining the need to rethink journalism.

What is Constructive Journalism?