How We Work

The institute works towards changing the industry in three interdependent ways. By collecting and distributing new knowledge we push forward new inspiration through our conferences, workshops and the award. We foster new role models through our international fellowship program and in this proces create global ambassadors for change across the profession. This section presents the way we work with knowledge.

Constructive News Lab
Innovation centre

The Constructive News Lab is the research and development arm of Constructive Institute. The Constructive News Labs is a test and innovation center where we work on developing new journalistic concepts, conduct tests and experiments, develop and run workshops and support research initiatives.

Aarhus based

The overall aim is to collect and develop new knowledge about the effects and impact of journalism. The Constructive News Lab is a physical space within Constructive Institute, where partners and collaborators is invited to work on joint projects and initiatives. In partnership with Salling Foundation.

Developing Knowledge

We work with innovative organisations, researchers, scientists and journalists in order to develop new knowledge and inspire the news industry to work towards a new journalism for tomorrow.

Public Information Officers and Investigative Journalists Project Blog
Information for the public good

How do public information officers and investigative journalists view each other? What methods do they use in their professional relations? What methods are good and fair practices? And ultimately how does this impact the public?

A new project

In a new project, running from August 2021 to summer 2022, Constructive Institute examines the relationship between public information officers and investigative journalists through quantitative and qualitative research.

When left with a choice we see that a majority will choose a headline with a constructive angle even though conventional wisdom is that “if if bleeds it leads.

– Peter Damgaard, CFO, Constructive Institute

Constructive News Mirror

Software Project – in collaboration with international media analytics company Infomedia.

The Constructive News Mirror is a project that aim to improve search and insights into what makes an article constructive. Along with a leading international media analytics company, Infomedia, we are working to identify and test markers for constructive journalism in news articles.

The aim is to develop and application that will provide newsrooms and publishers with an innovative tool for evaluating the ‘constructiveness’ of their news output. By making news organizations conscious of where they can strengthen their news stories and avoid biases, we hope to encourage them to engage in more constructive, balanced, accurate and future-oriented in their reporting. In partnership with Google DNI and Infomedia.

The Constructive News Mirror is a project that aims to improve search and insights into what makes an article constructive.