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What is Constructive Journalism?

Constructive journalism is a response to increasing tabloidization, sensationalism and negativity bias of the news media today. It is an approach that aims to provide audiences with a fair, accurate and contextualised picture of the world, without overemphasizing the negative and what is going wrong.


Constructive Journalism Models

In this section we present the theoretical foundation of constructive journalism. Constructive journalism is a cultural shift which changes the role of journalists, our goals and our focus. It is a shift which looks to the future and seeks to leave the news audience inspired, hopeful and motivated.

Additional Layer

The table illustrates how a constructive story typically starts with a problem and thus becomes the final step of a news cycle; from breaking to investigative to constructive.

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The Three Pillars

The Three Pillars are the foundation of constructive journalism practice. Each pillar represents a journalistic approach that all together feeds into the main mission; to contribute to democracy.

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A Broader Perspective

Constructive Journalism reports on important societal issues, setting them in the bigger picture and in their relevant context.

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Other Journalism Approaches

In this section we focus on three interesting journalism approaches. There are a myriad of new journalism techniques and concepts and these are just three of many that we think reflect our “Three Pillar Approach”; looking for solutions, embracing nuance and shades of grey, and connecting society.

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Who does Constructive Journalism?