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What is Constructive Journalism?

Constructive journalism is a response to increasing tabloidization, sensationalism and negativity bias of the news media today and offers an add on to both breaking and investigative journalism.

– Three Constructive Approaches

The three pillars represent the three approaches to constructive journalism practice.

The Three Pillars

The Three Pillars are the foundation of constructive journalism practice. Each pillar represents a journalistic approach that all together feeds into the main mission; to contribute to democracy. But it is not only a model. It is also our vocabulary for discussing constructive journalism and how to do it.



Contributions that Represent each Pillar

Below you can browse and search for constructive journalism and discover contributions that represents each pillar.



Constructive journalism advocates for a new constructive mindset amongst journalists and an editorial approach which goes beyond reporting societies’ problems.

At the Constructive Institute we convene conversations with thoughtful journalists from around the world, as well as discussions with thought leaders who care about the news media’s impact on democracy.

Through these meetings and the experience of our staff and fellows in our newsrooms we have identified three pillars, or pathways, where journalists can innovate with their content and offer more for their audiences.

 We are not dictating a “cookie cutter tool set for journalists to follow but rather consistent journalism norms that allow for flexible journalistic forms.